5 Reasons to use Lifetime Pulleys for your pulley needs!

1. Lightweight and durable!  Lifetime pulleys are made out of a strong, durable glass filled nylon which allows the pulley to be strong as steel but weigh considerably less than its steel counterpart. The nylon sheave will not rust or corrode and will last a lifetime!

2. Stainless steel mounting brackets!  All steel components on the bracket mount pulleys are made from stainless steel which has a higher resistance to corrosion, higher strength, and a more attractive appearance than normal steel! The stainless steel looks good and stays looking good! What this means is lower maintenance costs over time, especially when installing in corrosive or high moisture areas and will last a long life time!

3. Stainless steel bushings and rivets!  Like the steel mounting brackets, stainless steel bushings and rivets offer a higher resistance to corrosion and high moisture. Plus, the stainless steel bushing and rivets offer unparalleled range of motion for the pulley, which means lower maintenance costs over time.

4. Low cost!  Lifetime Pulleys cost less than many other similar pulleys on the market and with a lifetime warranty, we stand behind our product!

5. Multiple mounting bracket configurations!  We offer several types of mounting brackets that can fit almost any application. If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we can design a mounting bracket configuration for you! We are flexible and offer custom orders for anyone! 


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